Remove Pet Hair From Anything With These 5 Hacks

The endless pet hair

If you have a furry four-legged companion that sheds, you know my frustration with the endless pet hair…..everywhere! We have a handsome German Wirehair mix that sheds like crazy. I sweep up enough hair every evening to make another dog. Seriously! The hair is endless. Everywhere Scout lands he leaves a nice pile of hair for me to come behind and clean up. So the million dollar question is how to remove all that hair?!

  1. pumice stone. This method is quick and easy, you just use the pumice stone like a brush and it gathers the hair into a pile. It is very effective at removing all the hair, which makes this one of my favorites to use. It can however be a little rough on some fabrics. I have noticed after using this on my comforter several times there are a couple of places where the fabric is worn. Which honestly could just be me using too much force. The pumice stone method works great on cloth seats in a vehicle too, and it’s small enough to just throw one into the glove compartment so you always have one handy.
  2. A self-cleaning lint brush. I saw one of these in an ad and was quite skeptical! But it looked amazing so I did some research and read reviews. I decided to order one and try it….and I love it. It makes for quick work when removing hair as it is self-cleaning and you can just empty it when the job is done. It works great on my comforter (and is more gentle on the fabric than the pumice stone), car seats, clothes, couches, and many more surfaces. And there are no refill pads to buy!
  3. rubber glove. This may sound strange but it does work! It’s an effective method and works on a variety of surfaces. Simply put on the glove, dampen, and rub your hand over the surface to gather the hair. Rinse the glove and you’re ready to remove more hair! I use this method least, because for some reason it always seems like it’s less convenient. But it does work and I usually have some of these in my cleaning supplies.
  4. squeegee. This works great on your rugs or any carpet! Just rub the squeegee across the carpet or rug and you’ll be amazed at the hair that you get up, even after vacuuming. It is also great for those times you don’t want to drag out the vacuum. Squeegees are definitely not just for windows!
  5. Velcro curler. Yes, you read that right! For carpet and fabrics Velcro picks up pet hair quite well. You can use a Velcro strip (or any Velcro) but curlers are just handy. They are small enough to throw in a drawer or keep in your glove box for a quick pick up tool. There are different ways to clean the hair, fuzz, and lint out of the Velcro, or you can toss when they get too icky. Admittedly a tad strange, but Velcro curlers do work!

An ounce of prevention

These are all great ways to remove the pet hair, but to reduce the shedding you should regularly brush your pet with a good brush. We always intend to brush Scout regularly but usually end up forgetting or getting busy and putting it off “til tomorrow”. When we do brush him regularly we can tell a difference. He still sheds, but less. We use this brush, which works really well. It really gets his undercoat good and is supposed to reduce shedding by 90%. They make one for cats too! I would highly recommend this to anyone with a pet that sheds.

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