Eco-Degreaser (Oven cleaner) 500ml

Eco-Degreaser (Oven cleaner) 500ml


This Eco-Degreaser is a non-perfumed degreaser and general cleaner that is ideal for use in the Kitchen or Garage. It can be used to degrease and clean ovens, splashbacks, grills, floors and even greasier items found in a hobbyist’s work shed. For light cleaning purposes, dilute 50:50. Use the solution to mop or scrub the surface. Rinse off if necessary. For heavier duty cleaning, spray directly onto the surface and repeat the cleaning process as described above.
(All Ingredients are safely formulated and biodegradable)
Anionic surfactant, Non-ionic surfactant, Potassium Hydroxide, Citrate, Silicate, Glycols.

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